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33 billion breeding shrimps being dumped

33 billion breeding shrimps being dumped
6 months, while the number of shrimp production reached more than 62 billion of the amount of just 29 billion human breeding.
According to the General Directorate of Fisheries, as of mid-July, the country of about 616 500 ha of shrimp farming in brackish water, achieving 90% of the yearly plan and only 96.5% as compared to same period 2014. Production of shrimp harvesting reaching 230.9 thousand tons, 32.5% of annual plan.
Although farming area decreased, but, the number of production facilities brackish shrimp remained high. By the end of July, there were 2,250 establishments in brackish water shrimp production, which, in 1700 prawn production base and 550 production facilities vannamei, not including nursing facilities and seed kind.
Alarms above all breeds produce more but demand plummeted farming has caused large surpluses over time. Accordingly, the first 6 months, while the number of shrimp (shrimp powder, Postlarvae) production reached more than 62 billion of the amount was 29 billion stocking only child. Calculation of the General Fisheries showed that there were about 33 billion shrimp powder production not sold, to let go.
Nguyen Huy Dien, deputy director of the General Directorate of Fisheries said the surplus in recent years has led many seed production facilities in the state of losses, particularly business establishments larvae shrimp (Nauplius) period from egg has hatched.
Fill yet his vision, Mr mandate, US presidents Thanh Shrimp Association (Soc Trang) admit not in any of shrimp fell into tragic as this year. He also said that the first 6 months, the members of this association are stocked only 20% of the surface area and only 2.700ha 50% successful farming area.
The prices of raw shrimp has dropped 25000-30000 dong per kilo. Specifically, shrimp kinds 100 kg if the previous one is priced from 100,000 farmers, now sold only 70000-75000 copper.
Update : 26-08-2015

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