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Dried coconut cost rise sharply

After a time at a low level, the price of dried coconut in Ben Tre province has unexpectedly strong increase in about 3 weeks back here, with the increase from 40,000-50,000/12 dozen left than before.
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There are many kinds of dried coconut production base on coconut business in the currency of purchase at the 90,000-100,000 VND/dozen, this was the highest price in the last several months. Meanwhile, the price of dried coconut is more home garden garden right in the bucket for sales traders at 80,000-85,000/dozen for coconut Garden House break available, also the free traders coconut pickers cost about 70,000-75,000/dozen. The price of dried coconut sharply increased due to the reverse, left at least for coconut. Furthermore, at this time many of the production base of coconut business in the province are also actively buying coconuts left serving the needs of raw materials for confectionery production and export products to the market in the last months of the year, as lunar new year 2016. The increased consumption demand and reduced supply, the price of dried coconut is predicted to have the ability to also keep rising.
Update : 07-09-2015

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