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Before heading back down the river to Can Tho, we made a brief visit to a rice noodle factory, where we learned how rice noodles were made. Then we passed through the Cai Rung Market, one of the largest daily markets on the Mekong Delta. Only today, it wasn’t so busy
After seeing the market we cruised on the smaller canals. We saw more houses on stilts here and some really looked to be in bad shape. The houses were being held up by stilts made of concrete and wood. Many of the concrete stilts were beginning to bend and crack. I don’t know how old these houses were, but to me, it did not look like they would be standing much longer.
It took almost two hours to reach the floating market but our journey was not at all boring. In fact, it was fascinating. Houses on stilts lined the waterways and people were just starting their day. People were outside, brushing their teeth, bathing, washing clothes. Kids sitting outside waved to us as we passed by. We even saw one toddler boy peeing into the river.
A trip to Vietnam would not be complete without a trip to the Mekong Delta. This is iconic Vietnam…flat fields of rice fields as far as the eye can see, wooden houses on stilts located along the river’s edge, men and women in small boats, selling their produce. I was so excited to get a glimpse of this Vietnamese way of life and to have a chance to see with my own eyes the things I have grown up seeing in history books and photographs.
Our access point to the Mekong Delta was the small city of Can Tho. This city was easy to reach from Phu Quoc Island, just a half day ferry and bus combination trip. For two nights we stayed at the Nam Mon Hotel, a very basic hotel, but a hotel that is known for its amazing tour of the Mekong Delta.
Situated on a peanut and maize farm in central Quang Binh province, Rustic Chay Lap stands beneath the towering limestone cliffs which punctuate the beautiful but seldom visited World Natural Heritage Site of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.
The Cham Islands (Vietnamese: Cù lao Chàm) constitute a group of 8 small islands of Quang Nam, which form a part of the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park, a world Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO, in South China Sea in Vietnam. The islands are approachable from Cửa Đại beach. The islands are also recognized as Vietnam's national scenic site.
Phong Nha-Ke Bang is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Bố Trạch and Minh Hóa districts of central Quảng Bình Province in the North Central Coast region, about 500 km south of Hanoi.
Van Lang fisherman village and Bay Mau coconut water forest is about 7 hectares, surrounded by mangrove forests, canals, houses covered by coconut water leaf.
Tra Que village is very beautiful with many vegetable gardens and nice local people.
Rakel Delevis
Ayutthaya is an ancient capital and modern city in the Central Plains of Thailand, 85 km north of Bangkok. Founded around 1350, Ayutthaya became the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai.
Ben Julian
Mae Hong Son Province is situated approximately 924 kilometres (574 mi) north of Thailand's capital city Bangkok. To the north and west it connects to a total of three states in the Union of Burma, namely the southern portion of Shan State, Kayah State and Kawthoolei State, via the West Thanon Thongchai Mountains, and the rivers Salween and Moei—these formations serve as natural boundaries between the countries.
Jone Hollingworth
Founded in 1296 CE, Chiang Mai is a culturally and historically interesting city, at one time the capital of the ancient Lanna kingdom. Located among the rolling foothills of the Himalayan Mountains 700 km north of Bangkok, it could only be reached by an arduous river journey or an elephant trek until the 1920s. This isolation helped keep Chiang Mai's distinctive charm intact.
Pauline Rones
Kanchanaburi is also the gateway to the surrounding province of the same name. More foreign visitors are discovering why Thais know it as one of the most beautiful provinces in the country with its easily accessible waterfalls and national parks.
A city in the lower part of northern Thailand rich in historical, cultural and natural attractions, Phitsanulok is some 377 km from Bangkok. The province around it covers an area of 10,815 square kilometres, featuring mountains, plains and forest in the east and river basin. The Nan River, lifeline of the province, runs through the heart of the city.
Kelvin Legayada
Wow.. a nice routine passing the most cities in Vietnam along the major national road. I think it's so good to deeply discovery the country and people from North to South.
Mark Doussi
I like this program, not too fast, not too slow pace in a suitable time of a vacation. Your good services will combine a wonderful trip.
Yes, Justine. I've back from the junk in Halong. It's a fantastic trip! Wonderful scenery! 2 days on the bay is too short!!
Jorge Barraclough
You are so good at making itinerary. Perfect time, activities and places!
Katie Norin
Sounds great! A nice combination of accommodations which may bring strange and interesting experience!
Very interesting itinerary, but in Halong I rather like staying on a junk, not in hotel.
Very nice loop as there are many cheap flights to Hanoi & Bangkok! Also, your private tour with private car & guide seems to be very nice.
How can 4 days is enough to enjoy such a beautiful island? I am preparing my schedule to have at least 7 days there!
What makes me mostly interested is your itinerary, very strange, seems to full of adventure. The representation is clearly, but the images make it worse !
Wow... I love kayaking ! A very good idea to explore such a beautiful bay !
Dan Kamen
A very nice loop to go Indochina ! I like it ! But this pace is quite fast. I will arrange more time for my trip. Will contact later. Thank you.
I heart that Mekong Delta is a very productive land where helps Vietnam the leading rice export country. Very curious and want to set foot here !
Very nice itinerary which I like much but I concern about 3 nights at homestays. I like to discover life time of local people, but I want a comfortable place for rest because at my age I have to suffer with lightning pain.
I've just read through UNESCO World Heritage Centre website about Halong Bay. Very impressive of its precipitous nature! Will make a plan for this trip !
Dean Mchugh
My friends who visited Vietnam makes me very interested in the story of their trips. It draw an image of a scenic countryside with lovely people and delicious dishes. And now I am looking for a plan. Your program is very nice when it covers all over Vietnam which I really like. But 18-day-vacation is quite long. I need to arrange time with my family. I will send email request as soon as possible. Thank you.
Kelvin Winkleman
Hello! I'm looking for a package for my trip on this November and I found your website. Very nice presentation and organization. I just send my request. Looking forward to see your response email soon ! Thank you.
David Coyne
As what I read through, Vietnam is a small country but having so many places to visit. This nice program seems very suitable with my vacation. Trying to take this trip on next year !
Elise Jane
I do not have plan to visit Vietnam, just comes to your site by a chance. But reading through your itinerary makes me very excited ! It sounds a very nice trip ! I will talk to my husband about this for our holiday next winter and contact by email soon.
Amazing tour. I want to travel to Chiang Mai Thailand. The rose of the North" of Thailand, Chiang Mai is an attractive destination to all who love to experience the nature beauty and the traditional culture of the ethnic minority on the mountains