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List of famous folk games in Mekong Delta

What are the reason why the Mekong Delta region attracts the interest of many visitors? Its the famous folk games? to explain to people this question, today's tourism company would like to introduce to visitors the famous folk games, familiar attached to one's childhood to travel back to childhood memories of a review, the time was over.
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1. Playing kite
Kite is one of the very interesting folk game, very popular in the Mekong delta simply by the West have more extensive rice fields, straight wings flying storks are suitable for this game. Play kite is an art not everyone wants to play is that must have little experience of the wind as the wind resistance is not new to broken kite strings when put up high. This is a very elegant attracts so many players, especially in the windy afternoon, in the land where wide enough for the kite can fly up high. Today kites are created with a lot of shape and size of different thướt with very cheap price that almost anyone can afford.
Kite flying is not just recreational sports that there's also a kind of art does in the West that it is almost all over the country as well as around the world and it's almost the game of a childhood of each of us. Especially in the Mekong delta often held the kite contest so gloriously with the very large kite attracted the attention of many visitors.
2.  "O an quan"
The second game couldn't help mentioning that this is the game called :o an quan" This game has the gameplay is also quite simple, we will draw a rectangle just enough and then divided by the length of the picture, stop it five vertical rows are the same, then we will be 10 small squares. The two ends of the rectangles are drawn into 2 bow represents 2 boxes of large interest, then we will find the small pebbles instead of the flag placed on the right of the box that we have drawn. How will the Board Games eat well quite simply the games or or bad depending how the game calculation capabilities as well as craftsmanship in each country the flag of each person.
3. Cock fighting
The next game in this Western tourist itinerary that tourism companies glad we introduce to visitors is the game very long cockfights and the very famous not only in the countryside but also in the rural municipalities of traditional flowers, most boisterous. To get a strong, daring can wins every game requires the provider to know how to nurture as well as trainers, breeders for the chicken fight ... as the saying which we often hear "chicken-like mother, like dogs".
Cockfights or Cockfight is not just a folk game draw numerous participants that it is also a sport exercise courage, fighting spirit, binds the community together.

Update : 07-09-2015

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