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Some Famous Tripcal Food In Mekong Delta Reagion

Preparing for the trip to Mekong Delta Reagion, many customers wonder that there is nothing delicious. The interest in Mekong delta food culture is not just for tourists traveling west, but also those who live in Saigon or all those who love the bold dishes typical of lowland river region Mekong Delta. Along Viet Fun Travel "roll call" famous cakes in the West to You at any place on land where Vietnam can also find this delicious cakes enjoy.
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1. Bamboo-root-shaped cake
This cake you can also find in the central or Northern. However, Southwest region famous beef pies bamboo roots. Beef cake southern bamboo roots are easy but requires the meticulous precision, the new batch of cakes delicious beef. The first order for flour, rice flour, coconut powder and rice water, wine, a thin towel to cover get stuffed brass powder bring viba kiln annealed for the nomad sealed 12 hours. After annealing, the 12 true retrieved, sugar into water for cooking (remember not to stir the sugar) and then let it cool.
2. Jaggery cake
Cake is made from cow left palm jaggery, a crop with many in the land of Chau Doc, An Giang. According to the baker in Chau Doc, do a little jaggery cow pie in a little lost. Cakes include the main ingredients: rice flour, jaggery, palm sugar, coconut milk, and must comply with the procedures. First, the rice is old rekindles her rice, specialty Seven Mountains region, powdered. Mai left the ripe old jaggery, leach pulp. Selected jaggery sugar spread, no impurities and a little coconut. For all mixed on the basin of water mixed together at a rate sufficient, hatched overnight.
3. Orange cake
The reason is called sesame buns for round shape like orange and yellow and orange by way of unwinding of being crispy crust. Orange cake made from glutinous flour two powder and rice flour, eat not tired of the supple delicious. For more delicious crust we also add some sweet potato mixture into the flour portion. In the center of the cake with green bean, was softened with yellow sugar mix. Once mixed powder, it will start off fine, then cut into pieces and round green beans into the middle part, molded into shape and then roll over sesame mix yellow and golden fried taken.

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Update : 07-09-2015

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