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What should tourists buy as souvernir when traveling to Mekong Delta Region

1. Fish sauce of Chau Doc
When the opportunity to travel on to Chau Doc in An Giang province, visitors will see a wide variety of fish are sold everywhere as colorful fish sauce, fish parts, catfish ... or the most famous Thai sauce by area this area is known as the "kingdom of sauce" of the West river. An Giang fish sauce tastes a bit sweet on the outside but inside the very fragrant salty so very appropriate to eat with white rice, very suitable for Western tastes. If you want to buy these specialties as a gift, then you can come hillside Sam or Chau Doc market.
2. Thorn berry
Some specialties make great gifts is that cloud performance spikes. This result comes from Thailand then be imported to Vietnam mainly in An Giang should want to buy this result tourists can come here just to buy that delicious and best quality. This fruit spikes have very special characteristics, outside small thorny but not sharp and often very easy to peel, eat sweet and sour scent of jackfruit. This fruit when ripe only for a few days so if you want to buy a gift for making visitors should look for fruit will live longer.
3. Durian coconut candy
Was dubbed the country's coconut origin should Ben Tre has many specialties can buy as gifts when travelling west and one of the specialties made from coconut which is Ben Tre coconut candy. You can buy coconut sweets thểb in almost every place in Ben Tre province, however is still the most delicious sweets in Mo Cay coconut candy brand with a Long bar, this is the most famous coconut candy brand with many delicious sweets, eat on for feeling like are enjoying the fresh coconut , mellow.
Update : 07-09-2015

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